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The site was built using Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6

"Derren Brown is a witch!" According to some, this is all we need to know about England's foremost head fudger. But millions of people want to learn more about this leading illusionist, mentalist, hypnotist, painter, writer, and sceptic, and with his site often pushing past two million monthly page views, it's clearly the web that people turn to to find more info.

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's Marc Hagan-Guirey, the man behind the redesign says, "The project took about six months. The team comprised of Duncan Godwin , who built the site, Abeo the project manager and myself with the design and concept.

"The site was built using Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6 . Duncan, the developer, built the site using WordPress with a sprinkling of Marc Jacobs Sleeveless Draped Dress Clearance New Arrival U342Z
, lots of emails, and cups of tea."

Independently-owned design and digital marketing agency Entyce chose WordPress for its website

The independently-owned design and digital marketing agency Entyce, based in Chester, has shown its worth its salt even on its own portfolio site. Creative director Jane Entwistle reveals that, for the site, they used the world's most popular CMS, WordPress.

"WordPress is an established system, and we like the concept of open source – it's very versatile and can easily be modified and styled as required," she adds. "As with any software, there are a few flaws, but in our opinion these are outweighed by the pros".

In advocacy of WordPress, Entwistle adds: "It's a great software to work with and it's free! It's easy to use, well documented and has a great community with lots of articles if you get stuck or need help".

WordPress drove the redesign of Ghosthorses, the portfolio site of Stephen Fairbanks

Ghosthorses is the portfolio site of Stephen Fairbanks. This lovingly crafted site, laden with visual treats appealing to both the casual observer and the web-savvy, serves to delight as well as showcasing his works.

When choosing the CMS to drive his major redesign, Fairbanks knew it had to be WordPress. "I've been using WordPress for as long as I've been building sites because I like how malleable it is, and the fact that it's so popular means there's a really good community of support behind it. Also the Featured Image function does all the legwork of cropping, resizing and embedding my images."

He's also felt the blight of WP's limited media handling capabilities, but has found a suitable solution. "I've moved the Multiple Post Thumbnails plug-in into my functions.php file by default now for all my sites to easily add scrollable galleries."

Marketing agency Design the Planet are big fans of WordPress

Marketing agency Design the Planet is a group of self-described 'planetary engineers'. Based in New Orleans, they claim to be able to break your brand free from 'generic mediocrity'. Looking at the DtP portfolio site, they're definitely the folks to do just that. To make it, Design the Planet chose WordPress.

Shea K. Pedir vs. Preguntar (Spanish) tutor
Binghamton University 2015 -
"I have been a writing tutor at Binghamton University's Writing Center for the Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 semesters. I help..."

"Pedir" implies a demand more than an inquisitive question. "Pedir" and "preguntar" are used in different scenarios, so distinguishing between them is useful and necessary.

Henry E. Pedir vs. Preguntar (Spanish) tutor
Carleton College 2014 -
"I have served as a math tutor in Minnesota public schools, Spanish teaching assistant at Carleton College, and as an academic..."

Pedir: to ask for somethingPreguntar: to ask a question

Erin J. Pedir vs. Preguntar (Spanish) tutor
University of Houston 2004 -
"An adaptable and compassionate individual with the education and experience to design and implement learner-centered..."

Because in Spanish you simply can't pedir una question but you can simply preguntar :)

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Pedir vs. Preguntar (Spanish) tutor
Academia de Studii Economice 2009 -
"I have worked as a Coach within a multinational company where I taught students and adults: English, Customer Service Skills,..."

The verbs "pedir" and "preguntar" are often confused. After all, they have roughly the same direct English translation, which is "to ask." But don't be fooled!

I like to think of "pedir" as having the translation, "to ask for." "Yo pido una ensalada" -- "I ask for a salad." Le pediste a Maria una manzana -- "You asked Maria for an apple."

In contrast, "preguntar" means, "to ask a question." While "pedir" is used to ask for an object or a service, "preguntar" is to ask for information. "Preguntaste qué hora salió tu vuelo" -- You asked when your flight left. (Implying you missed it!) "Preguntale cuando vendrá" -- "Ask her when she's coming."

Remember -- preguntar is asking for information (intangible), pedir is asking for an object or service (tangible). ¡No tiene sentido "preguntar" para una manzana, o "pedir" que hora es!

Joe S. Pedir vs. Preguntar (Spanish) tutor
Brown University 2016 -
"I've always loved helping other students to understand material. Having that light bulb go off is one of the greatest..."
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